Feb 28, 2012

PIN IT: pinterest is my interest

hi y'all,

i recently checked my google analytics and realized that i have been remiss in an update. all of you have been stopping by and i've been MIA from blogging. so sorry!

these days, my "work, life, balance" is way whack. i find myself mostly in "work" mode for my little biz, lissa lowe & co.

not that i mind but these fun projects, along with keeping up with social media across channel, have left me too pooped to post. so i turned my attention to pinning for "balance."

in fact, i originally joined pinterest in 2010 only to completely slack off after joining...but now i'm back + have been spending time curating my own personal narrative of "life."

so please find me there gazing at stars, sparkles, hearts, crafts, colors, décor + more. i'd love a follow. pinterest.com/lissalowe

we can pin each other. isn't that sweet?

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Dec 28, 2011

SNAP IT: or step to it....

my blogging days have been few. i know.

and it's not that i don't want to just blog like crazy...i do.

it's just trying to find the time to do so. you know, balancing client work (the "other" me) with the kit + kaboodle of social media.

so i am trying to snap to it. and step to it.

but it might tough to keep up...so please keep checking back in with me here every now + again.

because i will tweet back + repin too. (more people should...it's the whole point of social engagement, right?)

so reach out and i will reach back out....i heart that stuff.


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(photo credit: no idea...i saw it on the flickr home page)

Dec 25, 2011

STYLE IT: platypus designer duct tape

have been busy working as the "other" me (the marketing + creative strategist me) for platypus designer duct tape and other clients too.

i was celebrating the holidays back in october conceiving + creating this spot - soup to nuts - for this awesome company that makes super fun duct tape.

(i even pulled an all-nighter in the warehouse of parent company of fortis design, located in raleigh, nc, to style out this set....).

a team effort with the platypus people: head honcho, rob jordan and louise jordan, a.k.a.'s rob's mom and our awesome production assistant + the talented filmmaking team at taproot films. you won't believe your eyes....very unexpected. and, well, we had a ball.

click here to watch this really fab spot ('cause it is not uploading properly right now...).

"make it with tape." i did. ;-)

happy holidays!

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Dec 11, 2011

CRAFT IT: platypus designer duct tape

these lovely gifts would make anyone's day brighter.

in addition to leading the marketing and creative direction for the brand, i styled these presents for the "remake christmas: make it with tape" holiday shoot for platypus designer duct tape.

you can create your own handmade packages too. here's how:

~ find modern + colorful gift wrap. these are from paper source in palo alto / san francisco (you can also order it online)

~ select a fun gift topper. these gorgeous handmade lollipops are from the candy store in san francisco.

~ make various styles of bows + then wrap with wide ribbon, crafted out of assorted platypus designer duct tape, of course!

my choices included:

i also gussied up the packages even further with some pretty french ribbon generously donated by rob's mom, louise jordan. she is one of the "platypus people" + was the "production assistant" on our holiday film shoot - pretty much the best PA ever!

now see, who can resist?

(not me. i basically pulled an all-nighter at the fortis design warehouse in raleigh, nc to make sure the film set and all of the styling was very "martha." oh, the things a girl will do in the name of platypus designer duct tape....It's not just for repair anymore.)

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Aug 22, 2011

CRAFT IT: school time!

hey y'all!

after spending the summer decompressing here, there + everywhere (lastly, charleston), i am gearing up for the school year.

kindergarten starts tomorrow so my wee one + i decided recycle some old crayolas.

love these.

much better than a melt down....

happy school year!

let the fun begin.

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(photo credits: lissa lowe)

Jul 1, 2011

STYLE IT: mcguire's "jackson square"

just launched! one of my projects while at the luxury furniture company mcguire involved the development of their new archival-based furniture collection, "jackson square."

based on mcguire's historical designs and made of durable materials (e.g, rattan, leather and bamboo) along with colorful fabrics and finishes, this modern yet traditional line of furnishings sings both boldly and beautifully.

its heritage, craftsmanship and form stands out from a sea of competitors and lends beauty to a multitude of spaces.

as the spirited little sister of mcguire, i will be proud to own many a piece in my home. and dare i say, i've found a new definition of heirloom juxtaposed with modern living....swoon!

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Jun 20, 2011

VISIT IT: chillax

it's the first day of summer! (finally for those of us in san francisco.)

who doesn't love to relaxing with a good hardback book + a chilled glass of bandol rosé, poolside...preferably in the south of france?

note it:

p.s. one of my fave low-key, oh-so charming hideaways in france is found in saint-paul de vence: le hameau. wish i were there now....

(photo credit: making magique)

Jun 12, 2011

GREEN IT: the real deal

can you believe it?

a heart-shaped tree.

mother nature knows.

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(photo credit: making magique)

Jun 9, 2011

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

oh my word....that red velvet cake with the pink frosting caught this southern girl's eye!

the plates + the palette are appealing on all fronts - and i bet the palate would be pleased too.

note it:

(photo credits: lovely styling by chelsea fuss of {frolic} + color commentary by lauren willhite of color collective and is from her blog.)

Jun 7, 2011

TABLETOP TUESDAY - her name is summer...

summer will be here soon.

let's throw her a lunchtime soirée!

get the look:

~ white handcrafted stoneware like "berry + thread" by juliska at gumps

~ striped table linens (love the crisp piping...). so...i searched high + low for something similar. no luck. except to say that you could take oxford stripe fabric to a tailor to fashion something custom...that said, i did spy this simple tri-color table cloth from terrain that i thought, though different, was pretty awesome. and then there was this red awning stripe from anthropologie.

she'll <3 it.

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Jun 5, 2011

THE "WRITE" STUFF - anna bond

write letters, people.

call your friends today.

i am guilty too.

but these are lost arts....

+ we all need to revive connection.

starting today.

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(photo credit: anna bond of rifle paper company. image from NSS.)

Jun 2, 2011

JUST DO IT: hit the road!

i am itching for a road trip!

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(photo credit: old j crew catalog)

May 26, 2011

GREEN IT: happy bamboo

today twitter was all abuzzzzzzzzz about urban outfitters copying the designs of a talented indie designer in chicago, Tru.Che.

(read more about what happened here.)

i, like many tweeters out there, decided to help out + happily made a purchase from stevie's etsy shop today.

yep, took me about one second to do it....

and while most people were most certainly purchasing the controversial "world/united states of love" necklaces, my eye immediately gravitated to this handcrafted necklace of silver + bamboo.

wonderfully eco-chic. wonderfully poetic. wonderfully fun.

just made me super happy, well, in my heart to support such a talented artist.

get yours here (with super cute packaging to boot!).

and, be happy in your heart too.

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May 24, 2011

TABLETOP TUESDAY - bow (ed) over

was bow(ed) over by this incredibly pretty + simple presentation.

(+ wishing i could throw myself another wedding shindig so i could DIY this lovely frosted cake with gold satin ribbon...)

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(photo credit: unknown)

May 23, 2011

STYLE IT: back to blogging....


it's been awhile.

but temporary breaks are always therapeutic.

so here i am.

back on the blog. with pink, paris + parenting on my mind today.

and full of love.

note it:

(photo credits: anthropologie/pillow; making magique blog/paris; kiddos, defunct cookie mag)

Mar 17, 2011

GIVE IT: a day of blogging silence....

"Bloggers Day of Silence" tomorrow March 18 in remembrance of Japan and its people.

Donations are being collected through Shelterbox, emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families in Japan affected by the Tsunamis and earthquake.

Altruism makes this world go around....


Feb 7, 2011

SNAP IT: stephen austin welch

seen within CA's 2010 photog annual, i've squirreled away this image from stephen austin welch on my mac.

evocative + lovely.

i so want to ride.

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Feb 6, 2011

THE "WRITE STUFF" - this blog

sorry, i've been gone awhile.

after 2.5 years of opining, it's good to take a break.

getting the blog mojo back.
so much noise out there.

i just want to be music to my own ears.

and yours.

note it:

(photo credit: no idea. i just like this image. can't recall where i pulled it. feels like they could be zooey deschanel + m. ward or quite possibly the white stripes?).

Jan 3, 2011

COOK IT: or should i say, milk it?

am snow behind....

(even if i am in california.)

will be back soon.

note it:
"informer" by 12 inches of snow

(photo credit: bakerella)

Dec 25, 2010

STYLE IT: happy hearts today

merry, merry, merry!

(on a side note, whoever peggy is sure did rake it in with these custom-designed jewels...gorgeous.)

may your hearts be happy today.


note it:

(photo credit: amanda brooks, i love your style)

Dec 22, 2010


for the holiday table, i'm thinking hues of green + cream with a dab of gold....and you?

note it:

(photo credits: anthropologie catalog, nov '08; elle decor, jan '10; unknown; gumps ad; anthropologie catalog, nov '08)

Dec 18, 2010

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

tonight i'm baking these little yummies with retro holiday-themed toothpicks on top.

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

note it:
(photo credit: real simple)

Dec 17, 2010

COOK IT: cocoa

brrrr...it's time for some jacques torres "hot hot chocolate" in a stunning mug handcrafted by nancy bauch of white forest pottery.

(the form of this mug is quite sexy too. along with a recipe for two, a pair would make a cozy fireside gift too.)


note it:

(photo credits: white forest pottery)

Dec 8, 2010

GIVE IT: love

a very rough week.

i will miss my dear friend + cousin amy....

while earth is a darker place, the heavens shine brighter.

i want her glow.


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Dec 5, 2010

GIVE IT: heavy heart

sigh...heavy heart today.

jeffrey liked the rolling stones.

yes, i am thinking of you and sending you love, wherever you are....in peace, i pray.


As Tears Go By
The Rolling Stones

It is the evening of the day,
I sit and watch the children play.
Smiling faces I can see, but not for me,
I sit and watch as tears go by.

My riches can't buy ev'rything,
I want to hear the children sing.
All I hear is the sound of rain falling on the ground,
I sit and watch as tears go by.

It is the evening of the day,
I sit and watch the children play.
Doin' things I used to do they think are new.
I sit and watch as tears go by.

(photo credit: freephoto.com)
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