Apr 27, 2010

STYLE IT: more in mendocino

april 24, 2004

our locavore "destination wedding" in mendocino, california was definitely sweet. yep, full of love + tasty treats.

the dessert table:

~ vosges haut-chocolat "truffle bar" amid moiré ribbon. (vosges had just started to become known on the foodie scene. absolutely amazing truffles - with many wannabes that soon were copycats to katrina markoff's genius. my fave flavors: naga + red fire + sale del mare.

~ fondant hearts with custom initials in the font to match our stationery suite were handcrafted by wendy kromer confections (she is the wedding cake genius for martha stewart.)

~ champagne chiffon + carrot cupcakes finished with fondant hearts and piped daisies placed on my own ruffled potluck studios cake stands.

simply scrumptious....

previous posts of our mendo nuptials: here (shoes); here (kick off a navarro vineyards); here (candlelight); here (the dress).

note it:

(photo credits: j. perlman photography)

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