Apr 25, 2010

STYLE IT: holy grapes, we got married!

april 24, 2004

in spring 2004, we handcrafted our locavore "destination wedding" in idyllic mendocino, california.

we wanted to celebrate the gorgeousness of the land, the food, the wine + the beer from mendocino county as well as that from the bay area where we lived. in doing so, we were able to support the "farm-to-table" movement that was just beginning to bubble.

the theme for our big day: "a weekend of wine tasting...and a wedding"

(and, might i add, we planned our nuptials on a relative nickel as compared with some of the soirees thrown today....)

to wit, i personally planned each + every handmade or custom detail of the wedding. each element was given very careful thought...down to the dotted washi pattern on this lovely paper from paper source used as a part of our stationery suite. its circles echoed my hand drawn grape motif.

(crazily but happily, i designed, hand stamped, hand colored, individually printed + assembled all stationery elements. talk about a labor of love...!)

our big wish: for our friends and family to have fun! (after all, they were traveling great distances and spending hard earned time + money to be with us during the weekend).

we wanted to marry our playfulness with the love for the region - and share those feelings with those nearest to our hearts.

sooooo....to kick off our wedding day, we held a private wine tasting + tour at acclaimed navarro vineyards in philo. it was great to gather everyone prior to the nuptials. it really set the stage for the weekend....

yep, the party started at noon!

more details to follow over the next couple days....click here for yesterday's post.

note it:

(photo credits: j. smith)

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