Apr 26, 2010

STYLE IT: married in mendo

april 24, 2004

our wedding tip to you: find a meaningful way to remember those who loved long before us; those who inspired us; those who are a part of who we have become.

for us, it was honoring my mom. sadly, my mom succumbed to ovarian cancer right before she was to meet adam.

later in that year when we decided to marry, we wanted to recognize her in a meaningful way, to connect her to us on our most glorious day.

since my mom’s warmth and sincerity enveloped everyone she met, we decided that it was only befitting to bathe ourselves in ambient light.

we had each of our guests light a votive candle and place it on their reception table of choice.

in my mom’s memory, we then donated a monetary gift in the name of our wedding guests to the ovarian cancer research fund.

our wedding glowed....

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note it:
"angel" by sarah mclachlan

(photo credits: j. perlman photography)

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