Apr 30, 2009

BOOK IT: colorful life

i picked up "life in color", by jesse garza + joe lupo (a.k.a.,color consultants for the oprah winfrey show), from the library. after thumbing through, it dawned on me that it's a modern day version of the late 1980s mega hit "color me beautiful." (a walk down memory lane as i fondly remember my mom and i trying to determine if we were a winter, spring, summer or autumn....).

your type
in this new "visual therapy" guide, you assess your eye color, hair color and skin color, along with color preferences, to find the perfect palette for a fashionable, beautiful you. 

are you a sun, moon, earth or star? the gist is that the colortype palette that looks best on you allows your skin to glow, your hair to shine, your personality to sparkle. your signature color(s) is the frosting on your cake, as the authors like to speak. they also help define your styletype: classic, chic, whimsical, bohemian, avant-garde + use celebrities (i.e., designers, writers, actors, models) to illustrate their points.

your décor
most interesting to me, they touched on the home front. i was happily surprised to see a cameo included of an interior designer i admire, the colorful jamie drake. he applied the book's theories on colortype and styletype to the home. like jamie, his examples are wonderfully articulated and make a lot of sense.

(an aside, i had the pleasure of hearing jamie speak at the ohio design centre this past fall where he was revealing his decorating philosophies from his book, "new american glamour." incredibly engaging, i bet he'd be great fun at a dinner party!)

so, book it! after all, color evokes powerful + positive memories in all of us. our preferred hues make us feel good in our homes, not to mention make our homes look good too. 

and, hey, even you could use a little lift.

(photo credit: amazon/book jacket)

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