Apr 30, 2009


welcome to "midwest minute," virtual coffee klatch with folks who live in the heartland + happen to be artsy, crafty or culinary and just plain cool.

who: sharon grossman
what: histology technician by day; artist by night
where: lincoln, nebraska
why: affordable + arresting hand screen printed posters for your home, office or (coffee) shop at her etsy shop, BluLima

Q: sharon, i'm intrigued...what exactly is a histology technician?

Basically what I do as a histotech is to make big things smaller. I work at a vet lab so we get in tissue samples from local and nationwide vets that need their samples tested for viruses, bacteria, fungus, cancers - pretty much anything you can think of. Our job is to gross in the tissues to small cassettes; process the samples in a big machine thingy; cut very, very thin sections of the finished cassettes and apply to a microscope slide; then create the desired "stain" the doctor's request.

Q: and BluLima? how did its name come about?

About two years ago, we were having a building erected next to our diagnostic lab and every day I would see a big crane working on this steel and glass building. The back of the crane had letters on it (I suppose spelling out some type of crane), but they were so weathered and interesting to me. It looked like it said "Blu Lima." I kept that phrase in the back of my mind and it popped up again when I opened my Etsy shop. Voila!

Q: strangely, i feel like there are some similarities between pathology and screen printing...trays, dyes, films, slides. honestly, i think you are one of those rare bird with a bit of left brain blended with right. how does burning the midnight oil quench your creative thirst?

I think you are right about the connections: both careers are very process oriented and hands-on. I love making things and the lab work I do is an extension of that. I do find that some of the duties at work lend themselves to a "zen" state of mind where I can daydream about new projects. I also like security of my field as it is in high demand and most likely will weather the economic storm. I would love to learn letterpress and have an old, rusty tabletop press that belonged to my grandfather. I'm just now looking into having it restored and continuing to expand my skills.

Q4: i can almost hear new ideas bubbling in you...! how has living in the midwest influenced your sense of aesthetic or artistry?

Wow, that's hard to define. I think I have absolutely been influenced by the "stark" beauty of the plains. I find that when I visit places that are covered in forests, I tend to feel closed in and wish I could see for miles. I think this lends me to design things that are simple and elegant, but, of course, I also love the multi-colored, layered look that creates great eye candy - it's so hard to stick to one style when I love everything about design!

Q5: spoken like a true artist, i heart that notion. so, besides your hubby's very cool shop (coffee emergency), favorite place in the midwest + why?

I think Nebraska City is our prettiest area. It is home to the Arbor Day Lodge and has rolling hills and bluffs that overlook the Missouri river. It is a great place to visit in the fall when the leaves turn colors that your mind can only imagine.

thanks, sharon! keep us posted on your new stuff at BluLima

(image credits: blulima)

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Blu Lima said...

Thanks for featuring me, it was great working with you!

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