Apr 29, 2009

WANTED: artists/crafters for renegade craft fairs in LA + San Francisco

hurry! applications for renegade craft fairs in los angeles + san francisco are due may 1st.

2009 shows:
~ brooklyn - june 6+7
~ los angeles - july 11+12
~ san francisco - july 18+19
~ chicago - sept 12+13
~ chicago/holiday sale - dec 5+6

handmade + budget friendly, i'd love to hit one of these artsy+crafty shows for some home wares. you should too.

(image credit: renegade craft)

1 comment:

Andrew and Crystal said...

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn last year. Love it! So many great things. One of my favorites was Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object www.thesmallobject.com

Like all her stuff, her booth was very organized!


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