Feb 8, 2009

the three mouseketeers

m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e.

isn't this bracelet wonderfully charming? i found it at poet summer's shop while looking for valentine's day gifts on etsy

hand-fashioned from new + vintage beads and various imagery, there are many styles from which to choose. touchingly, each bracelet has a poetic theme:

~ little prince (based on the lovely french children's book)
~ parisian showgirls (hello, moulin rouge!)
~ love letters (ahhh...letter writing, a lost art)
~ donut queen (frosted pink polymer confection)

carrie, the artist + jewelry maker, even sells extenders to turn your bracelet into a necklace. very runway chic for this season!

a handmade steal at $59.99, purchase a few of them to give to your mom, your friends, yourself....sweetly sentimental and meaningful for valentine's day.

(the backstory)
as an early birthday gift for my hubby + son, i planned a "secret" trip. while many destinations flitted in my head, i decided to pick an uber kid-friendly place. and, while it will not be an exotic or luxurious adventure like those of past, it will be super fun. 

to be truthful, i am giddy to see the look in my son's eyes when he sees mickey up close + personal for the very first time. and since my toddler hasn't (quite) learned the art of manipulation, he will mean what he says + say what he feels...it will be a treat for all of us.

it will also be a walk down memory lane for the grown ups. i will recall my younger days with my parents who used to take us to disney world almost every christmas. (why did i toss my faded blue mickey tee? you know the currently fashionable "vintage" one. well, back then, mine wasn't vintage). my hubby will remember the vacation he fondly spent with his grandparents there.

funnily, i'm fairly certain that many who know me will be surprised at the obvious simplicity of my choice (some folks have been trying to guess this secret destination for months now...). but those who know me best know that i'm a sucker for nostalgia + i'm a kid at heart. luckily, my hubby is too. 

with that said, the three mouseketeers are off to orlando!

(photo credit: poet summer)

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