Feb 7, 2009

dressing up

if  i ever get back to palm springs, my first stop would be trina turk residential, her home boutique that opened last may. love her clothing line so naturally i adore her décor. 

in fact, one of the highlights of my trip to the atlanta show last month was seeing her newly created home collection: needlepoint + embroidered pillows; hook rugs; needlepoint coasters, guest towels + eyeglass cases. lucky for us all, she'll soon be stocking pillows in her online shop

she also just recently launched an indoor/outdoor fabric line for schumacher (see previous post). while available to the trade-only, these colorful textiles are worthy of a call to a decorator. they are so darned peppy that i'd want to lounge around sipping a frozen fruity drink all year long!

take a look....dressing up is so much more fun in trina.

(photo credit: trina turk)

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