Feb 9, 2009

THE "WRITE" STUFF - cartwheels + candy

who can resist this sweet sentiment?

bubbly like a blow pop, this valentine's day card from jacki paper is so doggone cute! letterpressed with soy-based ink on recycled paper, it's no run of the mill pulp...this paper is super sparkly as bling-ed by an organic compound that's actually embedded right into it (how fun is that?!). and, to top it off, each is packaged in a compost-able, biodegradable cello sleeve made out of corn. brainy and beautiful.

not unlike jacki herself.

a former freelance advertising copywriter in the bay area, jacki rigoni traded a more corporate life for one of freedom + mom-dom. why? she yearned to give her children as close to an idyllic life in california as to what she had in the midwest. who knew her childhood memories would end up on paper? but they did. and i am now walking down memory lane....her cards/invites: nostalgia packaged up in a most modern way. yep, unadulterated fun!

(now add some fun dip or pop rocks + you've got yourself some bit-o-honey this valentine's day.)

(photo credit: jacki paper)

1 comment:

Kim said...

So cute, and of course I love the fact that the cards are eco-chic!

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