Feb 24, 2009

TABLETOP TUESDAY - grey matter

these days, it's doesn't take a brainiac to be a smart shopper. we all have to eat, right?

why not hit cb2 for some rock bottom deals? first stop: tabletop. billed as "modern stone age," this grey glazed "wilma" stoneware with a matte white exterior would be a quirky addition to your dining table. each is twice dipped in reactive glaze to lend a subtle pattern to its surface. each is unique. prices range from $1.95 - $4.95 per piece. 

then, add colorful blooms + succulents in tiny vases and handmade napkins like these silkscreened, reusable lovelies from minneapolis artist michelle brusegaard to the table ($25/set of 4 on etsy). makes entertaining with friends + family at home much more fun than going out....yep, the stuff that matters.

(photo credits: johansen krause/blooms in domino; cb2/ceramics; michelle brusegaard/napkins)

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