Feb 25, 2009

BOOK IT: the princess and the pea

i was hooked by the back cover: "real princesses do not grow on trees." 

what i wondered would this age-old fairy tale reveal? since i had to know, i bought the book. what a wry + delightful read - for grown ups and kiddies alike. not only is this a swell moral tale, it's chock full of delicious décor. 

you think i jest, right? nope. each turn of the page shows wonderfully illustrated characters superimposed onto photographic backgrounds that are comprised of miniature dollhouse furniture, itsy bitsy handmade objects, colorful paints, textiles + wallpapers. there is even a tiny crystal chandelier that lights up! what more could a princess want? oh yeah...a prince.

lauren child of the uk's charlie and lola fame is the creator, writer + illustrator of this fun read. polly borland, known for her famous portraiture, is collaborator + photographer. both are award-winning in their respective crafts. 

so, book it! you'll be transported to this realistic magical kingdom...even if pea sized.

(image credit: amazon/book jacket)

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