Feb 22, 2009

MIDWEST MINUTE: jen kennedy

welcome to my first "midwest minute," virtual coffee klatch with folks who live in the midwest + happen to be art-sy, craft-sy or culinary and just plain cool. 

who: jen kennedy
what: artist
where: omaha, nebraska
why: affordable unframed canvases for your home

Q: chicken or the egg? since you are both a painter + crafter, what came first?
I think I am a crafter at heart because I have made/painted everything from children's furniture, ceramic plates, kids' clothing, accessories to canvases. My mother is very creative and fostered that in us growing up. We all need as creative outlets as adults. My interest in art is certainly not one dimensional. I love paint, wood, canvas, fabric, glass...my interest shifts. When I tire of one craft, it ends up in my "craft cemetery" in the basement.

Q: how has living in the midwest influenced your sense of aesthetic or artistry?
There are folks in the midwest that enjoy bright, whimsical art and have an appreciation for the colorful items I paint. However, most people in the Midwest seem to enjoy browns, blacks, tans for interior design. So, it can be tough selling locally, which is why I enjoy selling my art on the internet at Jen Kennedy Designs and my jewelry collection Hip Hut (both on Etsy). My family makes an annual "pilgrimage" to Mexico every year. I find the country is full of vivid colors and warm weather which recharges my battery for new, bright designs.

Q: favorite place in the midwest + why?
Definitely my home town of Decorah, Iowa. It's like a Norman Rockwell kind of town. So quaint with a charming downtown, small college, hay rides, outdoor ice rink, locally-owned coffee shops & stores and a historic hotel. I love to take my kids out of the city and visit Decorah for small town fun.

Q: five words of self-promotion: why your designs? (be shameful - your stuff is great!)

(image credit: all designs (c) 2009 jen kennedy)

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