Dec 7, 2008

BOOK IT: gingerbread 'stead

now this is one artsy homestead!

created by famed children's pop-up book creator robert sabuda, this house unfolds from paper. complete with glittery snow + varnished candies, it's a charmingly modern take on the gingerbread house. 

available from MoMA store, it will delight children of all ages + grown ups too. 

book it bonus: you won't get a candy ache from assembling it + it's reusable year after year.

fun fact:
sabuda is known by many as the "paper engineer." while paper is his modus operandi, he also uses strings and dowels to make his pop-ups spin + twirl. each book he creates is handmade just like his gingerbread house.

(photo credit: moma store)

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