Dec 9, 2008

TABLETOP TUESDAY - jugs of love

instead of dragging out table-hogging pitchers, why not use these fun vessels to serve water during meals this holiday? 

named the "love bottle," they are earth-friendly + adorned with a little cheer. available in two sizes, each reusable bottle has a ceramic top + can be filled with your favorite beverage.

styles range from simple (plain + clear) to whimsical (red + green circles, two-tone pink, etc.). you can even decorate the bottles with colorful silicon bands that say "peace" or choose removable stickers + write your own message.

a few of the larger bottles would look great atop your holiday table (you can even repurpose them as vases at a later soiree!). or set the table with smaller ones, personalize as place cards+ let your guests take one home as a party favor. the gift that keeps giving....and avoids landfill. 

drink in the love!

why not recycle those wine bottles from the other night to your table tonight? just soak the bottles in warm soapy water to remove the labels. they add a nice sculptural touch to the tabletop...without spending an extra dime. nifty, i think.

(photo credit: love bottle)

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