Dec 6, 2008

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

after hunting for just the "right" bedroom lamp + having no luck, i found this groovy vintage glass vessel at three.home in chagrin falls + decided to make one myself....for less than $70 (a relative steal compared to lamps sold at specialty shops. click on the photo to see it close up).

vintage modern + affordable + one-of-a-kind. 

am loving it!

1) find a vessel. you can use all types of bottles, vases, even tins. look for one at thrift shops, flea markets, boutiques, etc. (my repurposed vessel was $25).

2) go to your local hardware store+ purchase a bottle lamp kit. i found one at lowe's. i also picked up a detached brass harp, lampshade, brushed brass finial + a can of rust-oleum's american accents "designer metallic spray" in an aged brass finish ($38).

3) since the mouth of my vessel needed a platform for the lamp kit, i cut a circle out of a piece of cork board ($5 from target), punched a hole in it, sprayed it (even though you can't see it, i wanted it to coordinate) + affixed it to the top of the vase. if you're handy, you could use a circular saw + cut a circle out of plywood. creates a sturdy base for the lamp hardware.

4) follow the kit's instructions to wire the lamp.

5) add your shade + a CFL bulb.

6) flip the switch.

now bask in your handyman glow.

(photo credit: lissa lowe)

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