Nov 18, 2008

TABLETOP TUESDAY - "estilo" my heart

recently, i discovered estilo weddings. i am enchanted....

created by maria ryan, this online wedding boutique celebrates women's creativity in our colorful world: east meets west; uptown joins downtown; all play in fields of feminine fun. 

while i'm a married lass, i am always on the hunt for artful tablescape ideas. take a look at these lovelies...

how fabulous would it be to adorn your turkey day buffet with these delightful chinese lanterns? or hang them from a less-than-spectacular chandelier? perhaps set your dining table with several petite floral displays along with loads of glow-y candlelight? thanksgiving décor, reinterpreted.

having planned my own nuptials down to the most minute detail, it's exciting that estilo offers brides (+ décor-istas like me) an alternative to more traditional bridal style + party planning. makes getting married easy. 

"estilo" my heart. i am in love.

fun fact:
i nearly fell over when i learned these stunningly simple arrangements of cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, peonies, roses + tuberose flowers are handcrafted from clay! repurpose them for your next soiree. so lifelike. so chic. so smart!

(photo credits: estilo weddings)

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