Nov 17, 2008

MAKEOVER MONDAY - oh my, my pie

today's "makeover monday" makes over good 'ol pumpkin pie. 

wait - don't cry in your yams!

i reinterpreted the trusty thanksgiving pie into tasty pumpkin pie cups....and became a finalist in the kitchn's "2008 best pie bakeoff" (watch out, betty crocker!).

(side note: the kitchn is to foodies + farmies what apartment therapy is to décor-istas  + mid century lovers. they are also sister sites.)

why this pumpkin? you'll have to "click here" to see my starts thursday.

P.S. big cups include rum!

the recipe is also included online so you too can serve pumpkin pie cups at your table 'o plenty. who wouldn't love a cute cup of pumpkin studded with pie cut outs + whipped cream? 50's chic, no?

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