Nov 13, 2008

mushroom mania! (our week's end)

week's end of our celebration of foraging season + "mushroom mania":

manic for mushrooms yet? 

sigh, our week of mushroom mania has come to a close...but not before one last post.

while these dishes may look similar to the underside of a mushroom cap, they are actually small slabs of agate cleverly cut as cheese plates. organic in detail and original in design, you can find them at jayson home and garden in chicago or in their online shop. artfully displayed cheeses would look lovely as an alternative or addition to the dessert table over thanksgiving.

(speaking of cheese, murray's sells a fabulous bloomy, mushroomy "jasper hill farm constant bliss." hailing from vermont, this raw whole milk from the ayrshire cow cheese is aged for 60 days + is bovine divine.)

may the foraging be with you....

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