Nov 23, 2008

stumped on sunday

it's freezing here in cleveland. 

the snow dumped this week. the moment, i am enjoying a steaming cup of joe from stumptown coffee roasters out of portland, oregon. the most amazing coffee...a perfect cup of joe every time (and available online).

my cups are 1940s vintage. i found them at a local salvation army. small, sturdy ceramic cuties with a band of yellow circling the top. i imagine them sitting on a shiny formica countertop in a diner on the road to nowhere...and somewhere....many moons ago.

manufactured by walker china, these tiny cups (no venti lattes from starbucks back then) make for an enjoyable pour. 

can you ask ask for more?

(photo credits: lissa lowe/coffee cups; stumptown/beans+interior)

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