Sep 23, 2008

TABLETOP TUESDAY - pour in portland

these girl-of-the-month glasses are one-of-a-kind...literally. whimsically handmade by local artist leslie egenberger, she makes them, well, on a whim. they aren't always in stock. special requests aren't accommodated. like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get:

~ miss december = flipped white hair + green eyes + holly
~ miss november = flipped red hair + brown eyes + fall foliage
~ miss october = wavy black hair + dark brown eyes + candy corn, a pumpkin, witch hat
~ miss july = flipped blond hair + blue eyes + american flags
~ miss may = bobbed brown hair + green eyes + daisies

(the backstory)
my first girly goblet was miss july. we were visiting my little bro + our dearest friends in my old stomping ground of portland, oregon + spotted "her" at "a place in time," a home furnishings shop located in the pearl. i was smitten with the coquettish design. what merriment!

little did i know my hubby secretly purchased "her" for me...and he would continue to introduce me to more girlfriends over the next three years. thing is, i was always in suspense. i never knew when i'd receive one + for what occasion, if any. when my last glass, miss january, was gifted to me for mother's day this past year, i giggled with glee. i finally had my brown haired, brown eyed beauty (sound familiar - hee). my collection was complete.

but now i am a bit blue. i am left wishing for more surprises (there are so few in life)...and so i will wonder...what will my hubby think of next?

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