Aug 10, 2010

TABLETOP TUESDAY - star-studded walls

i love every aspect of this shot...the crumbly walls, the cottage vibe, the stacks of mixed-matched pottery, the pin-up girls...

simply wonderful.

p.s., it's also a private (now not-so-private) tribute to my most glorious friend, jude. she is a star. she could - hands down - be one of these stars.

note it:

(photo credit: essentially french, i think)


Jenny said...

that's pretty awesom :D wish i could do soemthing like that but my landlords would shit a brick if they found out ;(

lissa lowe said...

i know, right...our landlords said we could paint and then they'd charge us to repaint even though they'd need to repaint for new tenants. neutrals, at that! my décorista ego was a bit bruised.

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