Aug 1, 2010

DAILY DOSE: domino

soft and pretty.

the ceiling really is the fifth wall. the floor would be the sixth.

why not make it feel ethereal?


~ robin's egg blue ceiling paint - "skylit" by pratt and lambert.

~ café au lait walls - "lambswool" by pratt and lambert (latex flat, 2 coats)

~ café au lait trim - "lambswool" by pratt and lambert (latex satin, 2 coats)

or go eco with selections from farrow + ball, known for historical colors. or choose a more affordable, accessible option from martha stewart's new line of paint at home depot. you can order 8 ounce samples too from the 280 handpicked color palette.

~ turquoise accents (while this is from 2005, pantone chose turquoise as the color for 2010. more here.)

for other ideas, check out erin's blog: house of turquoise. she's obsessed with the hue.

(photo credit: domino/september 2005)

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