Feb 21, 2010

GREEN IT: token of "green" appreciation

a friend of mine - the lovely maria ryan - is both the brains and beauty behind the wedding site, estilo weddings.

she has such great stuff in her shop. clay flowers, japanese lanterns, twinkly votives.

she is also the queen of green by incorporating thoughtful, economical, ecologically smart products into her mix.

stopping by her online shop tonight, i found these great "green" things:

~ chicago CTA token necklace - repurposed and near + dear to my heart, i love it! makes a fab bridesmaid gift - or why not wear it on your wedding day if the city is significant to you two lovebirds. add matching cufflinks too (also available: new york and san francisco). in fact, i plan to order this cutie for myself!

~ 4" color pencil "twig" bundle - cute wedding favor. perhaps add a clever little tag like "the write stuff" with the names of the bride + groom included beneath. trimmed from a tree, each pencil is hand cut and sharpened with no harm done to the tree. it speaks to me.

~ navy + white eco-friendly garter - ribbon woven from recycled plastic bottles. something blue + simply darling.

~ peonies "go tropical" clay flowers - made of modeling clay to create lifelike flowers nestled in a 2" glass cube. so eco-chic! this floral alternative would make a sentimental keepsake year-after-year.

what's more, maria writes a wedding blog. she covers style, inspirational ideas, party planning tips + more. it's worth a read if you're in matrimonial mode.

thank you, maria, for marrying style and savvy with creativity (her cause: women of vision).

every girl's dream....

note it:

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