Feb 9, 2010


today, tabletop. literally.

check out this aluminum top affixed to the top a well-loved farm table. what an interesting new use for sheet metal! 1950s chairs. great juxtaposition.

and, note the "wildebeest" mixed media art contrasted with the crystal chandelier.

i LOVE this whole look.

no wonder it's cool....it's the home of belle robinson - model-turned-successful clothing designer (jigsaw) + shop owner (the shop at bluebird) in london. obviously, she has a keen eye.

her living room is equally fantastic!

check out the amazing pearl button artwork by ann carrington. ms. carrington's pieces are absolutely incredible - focal points made of buttons, forks, knives, cans, coins, safety pins, shells....

check out "blue jeans USA" - and a gallery of her mixed media art + sculpture here.

wow. wow. wow.

note it:

(photo credits: InStyle UK)

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