Feb 8, 2010


who wouldn't want to sleep in an outside bed? sign me up!

i'm sharing this image tonight from the latest anthropologie catalog for several reasons:

~ luxury camping, pretty please

~ ruffled "tuxedo" duvet with contrasting black piping (very current both in palette and style - an example of how fashion trends are translated for the home)

~ lovely "paradise" pillows, a more affordable version of my july "pillow of the month" post of a hand-painted "palms" pillow by French artist Haby Bonoma

so romantic en plein air.


note it:


permanent event displays said...

I feel that the relationships that come to the forefront in residential design are some of the most compelling parts of the work; they’re a great part of the reward

permanent event displays said...

OMG, the first kitchen is to die for. I don't think I'd ever leave home either. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for always coming up with gorgeous images that inspire me. I would LOVE someone to help me with the exterior of my home. I have so many historical issues to confront. This would be such a great prize to win!

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