Jan 26, 2010


flipping through a past issue of house & garden, this tabletop caught my eye.

comprised from wares from nyc museum shops, i think it looks crisp and modernly old world in today's world.

the round-up:

~ table linens - ukrainian museum

~ moser dinner + salad plates - neue galerie

~ paperweight + vase - morgan library

~ chopsticks - japan society

~ murano water glass, liquer glass, napkin holder - dahesh museum of art

while these items are no longer available (except moser), why not take a cue from the curators + create a similar look for your table?

perhaps use vintage items for valentine's day? order a little take out or cook in. either way, it's re-purposeful + romantic.

note it:

(photo credit: h&g, november 2007)

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