Dec 27, 2009

tis' the season

meyer lemons are in season!

a cross between a lemon + a sweet orange, they are delightfully fragrant, less acidic, short-lived and VERY addictive (aren't all delicious things?).

anyhoo, i really enjoyed this article from the LA Times on its 101 uses. makes me want to hit the kitchen....

to save time, i wish to savor a jar of june taylor's marmalade. small batches of organically grown, heirloom fruit perfection, i'm sure.

even better, i would love to take one of her one day, hands-on fruit preservation classes in january at her "still-room" in berkeley. what a coup it would be to make some for myself!

'tis the season: meyer lemmmmmmm-yum....

note it:

(photo credits: bowl of meyer lemons from wally skalij / los angeles times; marmalade from june taylor.)

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