Nov 26, 2009

BOOK IT: blue french toast?

lucky for me, margaret s. fox is a friend of mine who happens to be the former owner/chef of famed café beaujolais in mendocino, california. not only is she a fantastic cook, but a lovely lady too.

her book, morning food, is one of my fave books. i love its title. i savor its food.

for our thanksgiving feast this year, i baked a batch of her yummy cornbread from organic blue popcorn meal that i had left over from covered bridge gardens, my former CSA in jefferson, ohio.

today, i doctored it up by whipping up my own creation: "blue french toast," out of brown eggs, whole milk, brown sugar, penzey's cinnamon + mace (a fab alternative to nutmeg!).

after frying a bunch up in a buttered pan, i slathered some slices with clover blossom honey and others with pumpkin butter.

can i just say that my son, charlie, gobbled the gourmet up!

(at three, he definitely has good taste...)

thanks, margaret, for making our thanksgiving weekend the most yummy.

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