Apr 4, 2009

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

i am salivating over downtown cookie co's chocolate chip walnut cookies. isn't it amazing that a few simple ingredients can produce such tasty morsels? and that there are folks out there who can bring us such evenly baked goodness in a matter of minutes, so to speak?

well, dan guerrera thinks so.

in 2008, dan bet on sugar + started baking in his west village kitchen in new york city. in a walnut shell, he tweaked his mom's secret recipe and started sharing his homemade goodies with friends, family....and now his fellow manhattanites. each batch is made from scratch without any preservatives or additives with a downtown cookie to suit all tastes: chocolate chip walnut (or without); ginger; peanut butter; oatmeal raisin walnut (or without) + jam print cookies. all are made to order + available by the dozen so ring him up.

frankly, i think we all need to eat more cookies and drink more milk. it's cheap escapism to bring out the kid in each one of us. it allows us to forget our real + perceived everyday woes to make life a little bit sweeter.

can i have another bite?

for those of us who live afar, mix up a batch of good old-fashioned tollhouse cookies + pour milk into a tall siena glass tumbler from williams sonoma. pretend you're in manhattan...live a little!

(photo credit: downtown cookie co.)

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