Apr 19, 2009

road trip: antique chic (cambridge, ohio)

rules of the road when traveling solo with your tiny tyke:

1) mosey - take your time getting to your destination 
2) munch - pack a healthy lunch + a bunch of car-friendly snacks
3) rent - check out a ton of books on dvd, cds + dvds at the library (if you don't have a dvd player, considering renting one for a long haul)

when my three year old and i hit the road last week from cleveland, we randomly exited at cambridge. about 120 miles south in guernsey county, this small town of 13,000 is nestled in the foothills of the appalachian mountains (who knew?). 

how did our early stop come about? well, we hadn't been on the road for very long when charlie started declaring that he wanted his lunch. i figured why not pull over + see what was beyond the bend? 

what a find! the town is really cute. and while we only had time for a quick pit stop, we were able to hit a couple local spots. first up, murray antiques. a tiny treasure trove of estate jewelry, vintage toys, framed art, china, vinyl records, furniture, bric-a-brac: décor that would inject some soul to your home. 

antique is chic, i think.

midwest must:
more tomorrow on the charming town of cambridge...

(photo credits: lissa lowe)

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