Mar 24, 2009

TABLETOP TUESDAY - here's the skinny...

Skinny laMinx, that is!

i'm so excited that this south african textile designer Skinny laMinx has moved into ceramics. in fact, i told her it was my lucky day when i ran across her new eggcups

why? i truly think an egg is one of the most versatile, wonderful foods. doesn't a soft-boiled egg alongside heavily buttered homemade country wheat toast sound divine? maybe add a bit of sarabeth peach apricot jamwell, i think so.

anyhoo, ms. laMinx has decorated these little white eggcups with her own "flower stack" ceramic transfers. collect + display them, if not eat with them.

take a peek on etsy at her stuff. and while you're at it, toss some of her super cute tea towels into your shopping basket. screen-printed with water-based inks on 100% cotton hopsack, they're chic + durable.

this weekend, grab a steaming mug of coffee, an incredible edible egg...and, oh, don't forget your spoons.

these tea towels make fabulous gifts. perhaps wrap one around your own jar of homemade jam + tie it up with a coordinating grosgrain bow. thoughtful + handmade. what's better?

(photo credit: Skinny laMinx)


annie said...

Soft boiled eggs in cups always reminded me of Vienna where I saw these elegantly dressed people at a table across from us tap tap on their eggs in cups.
From then on I wanted them - they just taste better in a cup and with toast and jam? mmmmm could eat for lunch or supper, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are great.

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