Mar 21, 2009

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

i'm sitting in a pile of receipts and paperwork, procrastinating. ugh, tax time. what i need for 2009 is to be more more loose sales slips, business cards, credit cards, change, notes, pens tossed on my desk or in my tote. mess be gone!

how now, these adorable little cosmetic bags from sweet sugar beet i saw on etsy would be a great fix. very amy butler, very cute! the fun part: customization. you get to pick your favorite fabric and haley (a work-at-home mom with a one year old + twins on the way!) will stitch one up for you 

(in fact, i think haley should make folio-sized bags so file folders can be easily hidden, stored and carried...hint, hint.)

oh, sweet sugar beet, you could be my salvation. at $7.00 per, i just might order in bulk.

wedding tips+tricks:
these cuties would make a great bridesmaid gift. fill them with all sorts of goodies: spa gift card, jewelry, a fabulous lipstick. 

p.s. and do keep a stash on hand for last minute birthday, holiday or get well gifts too. nothing beats being thrifty chic + being prepared. 

(photo credit: sweet sugar beet)

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