Mar 18, 2009

BOOK IT: the classics

i love books. 

long gone are my sprees at amazon (though my "wish list" continues to grow...). instead, i hit the library to check out books of all sorts (plus a caboodle of dvds to indulge my three-year-old's wiggles obsession...).

i also spend a lot of time browsing at barnes + noble. while there the other day, i gave a second glance to the gigantic book cover canvases that adorn the store walls and tracked down the art maker (thanks to the super nice + resourceful sales associate), buy enlarge.

available in various sizes, these unframed canvases would be an inexpensive way to spruce up a large foyer, loft space or "man cave." prices range from $150 (20x30") to $325 (32x48") + can even be made larger.

now book it to your local library to be the most "wall" read.

(photo credit: buy enlarge)

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