Feb 19, 2009

STYLE IT: wishful for wisteria

as a follow up to wednesday's post "loony for louis," i felt compelled to find equally interesting if not stunning "commodes." these chests of drawers from wisteria fit the bill and won't break the bank (or a small country!).

while reproductions, each is historically influenced, versatile + full of character. any one could easily fit in a foyer, library, home office, living room, dining room or bedroom. it's merely a matter of determining its use. from left to right, the line up:
  • china - a long dresser that's substantial in size, "aged" + simply adorned ($1,199)
  • spain - wow, this gorgeous chest inlaid with intricate hand-cut bone is definitely a statement piece ($2,999)
  • france - this directoire chest is simple in style + minimally carved ($1,299)
  • eastern europe - hand-painted with colorful birds, twisting vines + spring flowers, this bird chest is added art in a room ($1,399)
while we all can't enjoy the finery of louis XIV (or XV or XVI) furnishings, we can all feel like aristocracy with wisteria. wishful thinking, right?

(photo credits: wisteria)

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