Feb 18, 2009

loony for louis

today was a lovely day. 

with a couple hours to spare, i hopped over to the cleveland art museum (did you know this treasure trove is free to the public? thank you, patrons of the arts). although much of the museum is undergoing renovation + expansion, some wings are open for viewing. consequently, i spent my time loony over louis XIV: gaming tables, stools, desks, secretaries, cabinets, mirrors, commodes. what gorgeous craftsmanship....i can't even fathom how such furnishings were made - much less over 300 years ago! absolutely astonishing stuff. 

speaking of commodes (and not those you flush!), this one is styled after that of andré-charles boulle (an example of his stunning work is on view at the museum) or possibly by aubertin gaudron. listed on 1st dibs, it is a gorgeous period piece - louis XIV, circa early 1700s - showing cross bands, marquetry, inlay, gilt, bracketed feet, sycamore, walnut, kingwood. incroyable!

currently offered via 1st dibs at $280,000 from mary helen mccoy, a fine antiques shop specializing in 17th-19th century french goods that is located in charleston, it is akin to a museum piece. 

for those of us unable to purchase such finery, perhaps something similarly ornate would suffice?

otherwise, i may go crazy.

(photo credit: mary helen mccoy)

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