Jan 2, 2009

zap! pow! coop!

if you happen to live in the big apple, head on over to cooper hewitt's "wall stories: children's wallpaper and books" exhibit

on view through april 5, cooper hewitt has teamed up with the national design library to show us the emergence of children's wallcoverings + books in the 19th century as influenced by economics, literature + pop culture. works include peter rabbit, mickey mouse, alice-in-wonderland and dick tracy (as seen in this 1950s wallpaper). 
an added incentive (not that you should need one): admission is free on sundays through january 25.

midwest must:
speaking of super heroes + villains, check out the "zap! pow! bam! the superhero: the golden age of comic books, 1938-1950" at the maltz museum of jewish heritage in beachwood, a suburb of cleveland. complete with a vintage, child-sized batmobile ride, interactive phone booth + drawing studio, kids of all ages will feel empowered. exhibit extended through january 25.

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