Jan 4, 2009

destination "dos"

a list of destination "dos:"

1) decide to get hitched. 

2) create a guest list.

3) pick a fun, fabulous place.

4) announce it - in a most literal, lovely way.

excitingly, hello lucky! just released its "destination wedding" series: announcements, invitations, rsvps, reception cards, seating cards, place cards, menus, accommodation cards, direction cards + thank you cards. 

each vintage-inspired design is artfully handmade by letterpress. cities include san francisco, manhattan, london + hawaii. picture perfect, i think.

(the ladies of lucky also offer a more affordable digitally printed series too.)

while this san francisco invite is printed in pool + red, other combos can be found (blossom + pool; chocolate + pool). hmmmm....what about poppy + pool? no worries, you can place special orders too.

don't you just love the city by the bay? 

"i do."

frame your collection of goodies in a shadow box and give the bride + groom a gorgeously groovy keepsake. 

(photo credit: hello lucky!)

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