Oct 7, 2008

TABLETOP TUESDAY - don't grieve. hargreave.

these days staycations are "de rigueur." 

this saturday night, prepare some simple fare + invite your friends over for a board game of scrabble or, one of my faves, clue.

if you need serving space, this mini bar side table is not only practical but chic. designed by leonhard pfeifer in 2007, it's perfect for entertaining + for small dwellings. for me, it's the new "it" piece. find it at the MoMA store.

lastly should you need to ease any sadness for staying in instead of going out, scoop up this minimalist carafe + glass set. made in denmark, "hargreave" is available in blue or lime at clio. you'll never miss drinks out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm in for both pieces! The carafe is perfect for a guest room thirst-quencher and I can picture my vino at arms reach with the minibar table. Cheers!

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