Oct 4, 2008

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

it is gorgeous today in cleveland. the perfect fall day: the the sun is shining, giving us the last glint of summer; leaves are changing; pumpkins are plentiful. 

i took this squash blossom snap at patterson fruit farm (midwest must - will blog more about "fun fest" tomorrow). the hue feels warm + inviting. like a sunflower, it's happy.

same goes for marimekko's autumn fabric collection. bountiful in pattern + color, all designs are influenced by nature. 

buy a few yards of fabric from marimekko's concept store + whip up some harvest-inspired pillow covers or even some cute cocktail napkins (they'd make great gifts too!)

(photo credits: lissa lowe/flower; marimekko/textiles)

1 comment:

little_lauren said...

That squash blossom snapshot looks amazing Lissa! Do you have any good recommendations for pumpkin patches this October? I'm starting to get ideas for this year's carving. Looking forward to reading your festive fall blog!

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