Oct 1, 2008

PODCAST: "decorating on a dime"

recently i was asked to speak during "the american family," a series of podcasts developed and sponsored by whirlpool. subjects run the gamut from health, travel and safety to business + home...stuff we all care about.

given these economic times, "decorating on a dime" came at the right time. host gigi lubin and i discuss "do-it-yourself" décor: affordable art; paint palettes; spruce ups with mirrors, lights + more.

take a listen on whirlpool's site or subscribe via iTunes (my segment should "air" sometime soon. search: american family podcast).

with budget on everyone's mind, reconsider. 

for example, these lovely decanters are organic in form and feel very sculptural, particularly when placed in front of an oversized mirror like the home of one of my clients. 

how? repurpose glassware you already own or find "new" vessels at your local thrift shop (that's what we did!). arrange in sets of three or five depending on your space. for less than $10, we created serene reflective space. you can too.

shout out: 
thanks to lucky guppy for helping me prepare for this podcast. i threw out ideas + ms. LG crafted questions begging to be answered.

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