Oct 28, 2008

TABLETOP TUESDAY - super soup supper (say that 3 times!)

recently i recorded another "american family" podcast. 

scheduled to post in the next few weeks, i share simple ideas for holiday decorating + entertaining.

one trick i use to lessen the stress of food preparation is to make "one pot" meals. why be a slave in the kitchen?

last night i followed my own advice + whipped up some "roasted vegetable soup" out of veggies i had on hand (baby carrots, parsnips, butternut squash). i also made homemade croutons out of some seriously stale challah!

find the recipe in "family style" by barefoot contessa. minimal ingredients for both. super easy. super quick. super yum.

cook it up.
soup: veggies (save even more time by roasting them beforehand), olive oil, salt+pepper, chicken (or veggie) stock. 

croutons: fresh or "day old" bakery bread, olive oil, salt+peper (on a side note, i'm obsessed with making croutons. such incredibly savory morsels atop soups, salads or even as a cocktail party snack. so many options for seasonings....).

mix it up.
i always fiddle around with the spices. sometimes i add "french four spice" in the soup; other times i sprinkle "northwoods seasoning" on the croutons (sometimes i give it a kick with chipotle and/or smoked spanish paprika). go crazy at penzey's spices.

serve it up.
choose bowls, big or small. mine are a mix of vintage mcnicol china (hails from clarksburg, west virginia before relocating to east liverpool, ohio), pottery barn from a few years back + latte bowls from anthropologie (various sizes available in store; classic size sold online).

eat it up.
it's a super soup supper.

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