Oct 25, 2008

SATURDAY'S SPOONFUL - a small dose of sugar, spice + everything nice

i have always loved carter kustera. i first ran across his art at the barney's coop in south beach in march 2005. simon doonan had commissioned him to create wall art in the dressing area of the shop. i spent quite awhile in there reading the commentary (ann only parties on new year; amy loves anything digital; laura refuses to grow up). so witty. so personal. so fun!

if you want a custom portrait of your own, they are available through jonathan adler - online or in store.

or you can make your own clever wall art, like i spotted today in the party room at the ben+jerry's in university heights, ohio. hand-painted, personalized ice cream cones - what a scream! would look super cute as "wallpaper" in a bathroom, playroom or mudroom. yummy fun!

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Anonymous said...

very cute!

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