Feb 28, 2012

PIN IT: pinterest is my interest

hi y'all,

i recently checked my google analytics and realized that i have been remiss in an update. all of you have been stopping by and i've been MIA from blogging. so sorry!

these days, my "work, life, balance" is way whack. i find myself mostly in "work" mode for my little biz, lissa lowe & co.

not that i mind but these fun projects, along with keeping up with social media across channel, have left me too pooped to post. so i turned my attention to pinning for "balance."

in fact, i originally joined pinterest in 2010 only to completely slack off after joining...but now i'm back + have been spending time curating my own personal narrative of "life."

so please find me there gazing at stars, sparkles, hearts, crafts, colors, décor + more. i'd love a follow. pinterest.com/lissalowe

we can pin each other. isn't that sweet?

note it:

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