Dec 11, 2011

CRAFT IT: platypus designer duct tape

these lovely gifts would make anyone's day brighter.

in addition to leading the marketing and creative direction for the brand, i styled these presents for the "remake christmas: make it with tape" holiday shoot for platypus designer duct tape.

you can create your own handmade packages too. here's how:

~ find modern + colorful gift wrap. these are from paper source in palo alto / san francisco (you can also order it online)

~ select a fun gift topper. these gorgeous handmade lollipops are from the candy store in san francisco.

~ make various styles of bows + then wrap with wide ribbon, crafted out of assorted platypus designer duct tape, of course!

my choices included:

i also gussied up the packages even further with some pretty french ribbon generously donated by rob's mom, louise jordan. she is one of the "platypus people" + was the "production assistant" on our holiday film shoot - pretty much the best PA ever!

now see, who can resist?

(not me. i basically pulled an all-nighter at the fortis design warehouse in raleigh, nc to make sure the film set and all of the styling was very "martha." oh, the things a girl will do in the name of platypus designer duct tape....It's not just for repair anymore.)

note it:

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