May 26, 2011

GREEN IT: happy bamboo

today twitter was all abuzzzzzzzzz about urban outfitters copying the designs of a talented indie designer in chicago, Tru.Che.

(read more about what happened here.)

i, like many tweeters out there, decided to help out + happily made a purchase from stevie's etsy shop today.

yep, took me about one second to do it....

and while most people were most certainly purchasing the controversial "world/united states of love" necklaces, my eye immediately gravitated to this handcrafted necklace of silver + bamboo.

wonderfully eco-chic. wonderfully poetic. wonderfully fun.

just made me super happy, well, in my heart to support such a talented artist.

get yours here (with super cute packaging to boot!).

and, be happy in your heart too.

note it:

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