Nov 14, 2010

GIVE IT: brilliant braille

how brilliant! this "braille" bracelet from the mom-owned company "at first sight" just won the "2010 people's design award" from the smithsonian's cooper-hewitt national design museum.

ligon, the mother of a blind son, created this line of jewelry to increase awareness of braille literacy. A percentage of the company’s net profits are donated to Braille literacy organizations, including National Braille Press and BrailleInk.

for limited time, this jeweler's metal bracelet made of stretch tiles is available in fashion finishes of shiny silver or brushed silver plating and being sold online for 25% off retail price for $35.63 each. 7", 7.5" or 8" available. perfect for holiday gift-giving.

both educational and evocative, this bracelet tells a story of a mother's love...and i think that's incredibly noteworthy.

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