Oct 12, 2010

TABLETOP TUESDAY - claudia pearson

i think these plates painted by brooklyn artist claudia pearson are absolutely fantastic!

inspired by alice waters' edible schoolyard (one of my personal heroines + initiatives here in the bay area), claudia created these plates at last weekend's Re:Form Show for REDU, a project that stands for rethinking, reforming and rebuilding our educational system.

even better, her illustrations are painted on both bamboo and fallen palm leaf plates - sustainable resources - and are designed to illustrate the daily waste that occurs in cafeterias across the USA. what a nasty glut of styrofoam and plastic out there. why isn't this stuff banned, especially since our government underwrites school lunch programs? as per her blog, claudia plans to have these goodies in her store super soon.

beneath these amazing plates, find her seasonal collection of "buy local, eat seasonal" tea towels. how perfect for th kitchen.

even more, her vision of "picnicware"...yes, these are images of prototype plates + cups that claudia has designed. i totally heart these + do hope they are produced sooner than later....and i'm super happy i stumbled upon her work + learned more about REDU's education reform.

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