Oct 7, 2010

STYLE IT: so soho (beach house)

while there is no way i could ever belong to the soho beach house in miami (members-only as-in nyc), i could envision a space like this one in my own house.

(might i add, what a refreshing change in décor for the land of hedonism!)

love the spindle-esque bed. the sea green walls. the beamed ceiling with delicate chandelier. the standing fan!!! (lord knows how much membership is...even with a black stand fan - $29.99 at target..and all.)

this guest room sneak peek is compliments of hotel chatter + i am thrilled! (read more here.) the hotel is now open. to members-only.

nevertheless, "flip flop glamour" is right. i feel rested already.

note it:

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