Sep 27, 2010

VISIT IT: "hale" the farm, part 1

what a way to start my morning....i have wanted to do this post for a long time. so here it is, in 3 parts.

here are some lovely shots of hale farm, an outdoor living history museum located in northeast ohio.

set in the 19th century, visitors are exposed to a life unlike our own. part of its charm is that period crafts are made on the premises, with skilled artisans demonstrating blacksmithing, spinning, weaving, candlemaking and basketmaking. a "stable" of horses, cows and sheep live on premise too.

here, the church and the garden along with the "village people." its simplicity is refreshingly beautiful.

"hale, hale" the gang's all here....

note it:

(photo credits: lissa lowe)

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